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What is ?

DFR Commercial has sold millions of dollars’ worth of commercial properties and proudly has many successful auctions, tenders and private treaty for sale campaigns under its belt. The steady expansion of the business is a testament to Miguel’s in-depth industry knowledge and excellent customer service. It’s the DFR Commercial way to go above and beyond to increase your exposure and maximise your potential sale price and it’s this expertise paired with our refreshing, no-nonsense attitude that garners a great respect from industry competitors for what we have achieved.


Your property is placed on the market at a set price, when a prospective purchaser shows interest in your property, our sales team will then negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best price, conditions and terms of the sale are achieved.

We offer your property to prospective buyers without a price and give them the opportunity to come forward with an offer. This is a highly successful sale method particularly when the property is unique and hard to value, or at a time when the market is “Running Hot” with a shortage of listings available on the market.

When your property is offered for Tender it is advertised with or without a buyers price guide with all offers presented on or before a certain date (e.g.: Friday 30th June at 5pm). When an offer has been tendered that you are willing to accept, all other buyers are then notified and are invited to alter the offer they have tendered. This method of sale has potentially the same competition factor as an auction but in a more private and controlled atmosphere.

There are arguments for and against Auctions, however the bottom line is that there is no doubt whatsoever that this is the most clear-cut way of maximising the price and unconditional terms and conditions of the sale of your property. Auctions “make it happen” with each bidder competing for the one property resulting in the property being sold to the highest bidder – (subject to a reserve price).

What You Need To Remember

What is most important to remember is that it is your decision and your decision alone as to how your property is to me marketed. Whichever way you choose, rest assured that everyone at De Freitas & Ryan will be focused on achieving the highest possible price in the shortest possible selling time.

Should you have any further questions about any of these selling methods, a DFR Commercial & industrial specialist would be only too happy to answer all your questions.

What Are The Selling And Marketing Costs?


Agent’s fees used to be set by the government, however today we have a deregulated industry and fees are negotiated on a property-to-property basis. In other words, the rate of commission will vary depending on the value type, location, condition, and overall saleability of the property.

The commission is payable to provide the Agent with a reward for doing their job successfully and because in most cases it is a percentage-based reward, the higher the amount obtained for the client the greater the incentive for the Sales Consultant.

Be mindful of the statement often used in the Real Estate industry, ‘The lower the fee the lower the price’.


The old saying of, ‘You can’t sell something if you’re going to keep it a secret’, certainly applies to property sales.

Advertising is the main thrust of a total marketing campaign; however, it should be noted that advertising doesn’t sell a property, sales specialists do. It is vital that your property reaches the buying public and not only reaches them but is delivered to them in such a way that they sit up and take notice. Once the property has created interest, this will generally result in enquiries and then it is up to the agent to obtain you the maximum result.

You should be guided by your agent as to what advertising expenditure would be required. It is vital that your property be presented to the market in a professional way. ‘Sloppy advertising’ can result in ‘sloppy prices’. You do not have to spend a fortune in advertising but what is done must present the image you want, be sharp, crisp, well written and something of pride. This will certainly add to the result.

Some properties can be simply placed ‘in the mix’ with all the general advertising carried out by DFR Commercial, however some properties do need their Seller to give them more focused status and this is where the Seller sets aside a certain amount of marketing expenditure to help profile their property.

At DFR Commercial we tailor a marketing package to suit your properties requirements considering the type of property you own, the target market, current market trends and your budget. We advertise our properties on various commercial property websites, national publications, we utilise social media platforms, informative onsite signage, and mail outs to existing company databases.