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You may have heard our advertising on 6PR radio where we offer clients a free health check of your commercial and industrial property portfolios. It has proven to be of great value to new clients who may have let things slip over the years or who have had a representative looking after their affairs but unfortunately may have gone to “sleep at the wheel”. By having us run our eye over things you will be able to get things back on track and have your investments performing as they should be.

How do I go about organising a health check on my properties?

All you have to do is call our principal Miguel De Freitas on 6399 6800 or 0417 268 465, arrange an appointment and let Miguel “run a ruler” over your properties and see whether they are at the correct market values.

Miguel will also check the status of your leases, the status of your insurance and depreciation schedules and most importantly carry out an inspection of your properties to ensure they are as they should be. It is a great initiative, a great service and best of all it’s free and without obligation.

Why not call Miguel today?

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